Since immemorial times, the territory of today’s Romania has been the last stand of European civilization. Romanian culture is an exotic mixture of Oriental, Slavic and European elements. Its unique position has helped the country keep its old traditions, myths and the most important, its wild nature.
Still undiscovered and often overlooked, Romania is a country which leaves people amazed, impressed, touched and feeling more alive than before. Even HRH Prince Charles of Wales has become one of the country’s biggest fans, purchasing houses in several Transylvanian villages, visiting Romania each year and promoting his love for the region, one of the last places “where people still live in complete harmony with nature”.

Here are no less than 10 very important reasons to join one of our group tours and discover the last untouched region in Europe:
1. Enjoy the beautiful and untouched nature. Romania is holding over half of Europe’s virgin forests and the biggest population of brown bears, wolves and lynx in Europe. Romania also has the biggest variety of landscapes than any other country in the European Union, which means that you can enjoy peaky mountains, beautiful meadows, mild hills or the seaside at short distance one from the other.

2. Discover the unspoiled medieval sites. Imagine a place stuck in time. This is place is real and it is called Transylvania, home for Sighisoara, the best preserved inhabited medieval city in Europe and other hundreds of villages that still hold the architecture and the traditions of medieval times.

3. Explore castles & best sightseeing roads (Transfagarasan). Castles and castles and one of the most famous castles in the world: Dracula’s castle. You can experience the history, the myth and uncover the legend which made this castle famous in the whole world.

4. Drive on the world’s best road trip: Transfagarasan!  In case you still need some extra adrenaline after a private tour of the home of Vlad the Impaler, you can test your abilities on Transfagarasan road. If it sounds pretty familiar you might have heard about it at Top Gear’s BBC show as being declared one of the most spectacular roads in the whole world.

5. Trek in the Carpathian Mountains. The Romanian Carpathians are friendly with beginners and they offer so many trails easy to conquer. For experienced hikers there are routes which can last days brining you closer to nature and farther from the civilized world.

6. Bike in Transylvania. If you prefer cycling to walking, than you should try cycling through the picturesque countryside of rural Transylvania. This means enjoying breathtaking landscapes, visiting medieval villages, sleeping in small mountain villages and admiring the last wild corner of Europe!

7. Kayak in the Danube Delta. The Danube Delta is the largest wetland in Europe and one of the most spectacular natural reservation of the old continent Over 300 species of birds, 45 species of freshwater fish and the last population of wild horses in Europe are waiting to be seen from the water for 8 months per year.

8. Taste mouth-watering foods and traditions! Prepare to taste organic food and wine as most of the food available it is organic without being called organic, just food. Romanian traditional cuisine is nor fancy, nor too simple, not too spicy, but tasty, inviting, heart-warming and it all seems home-cooked: comfort food at its peak! Remember the cultural mix? Prepare yourself to taste it!

9. Live the lively old &new atmosphere of Bucharest! Once named “the little Paris of the East”, Bucharest is called today “the new Berlin” due to its fascinating architectural mix, its vibrant nightlife of the Old Town, its bookshops, restaurants, cafes which add more charm to a city which is alive 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.

10. Pay less for more! Romania in one of the most affordable destinations in Europe. You can travel, see and experience more because Romania offers alternatives for every budget and it’s in general, much cheaper than other countries in Western Europe.
Are you still not convinced to visit Romania? Ask us anything you would like to know and we’ll gladly answer to all your questions.